Money's not just a number. It's a connection between you and the things you want. No matter what you want to do with your money, we're here to help you spend, save, and invest it better.


We started WSI, in the wake of a financial crisis, to be a place built to help people do what’s right with their money so they can live better.

10 years later, we have

500,000+ customers

Trusting us with

$21 billion


WSI Checking is our no-fee‡ checking account and debit card for your daily purchases

ATM fees reimbursed. No account fees. No minimum balances. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to pay to access your own money.

Spend with WSI checking


Cash Reserve is the place to save and organize your money for the near-term.

What are you hoping to buy soon? From weekly groceries to a new sofa, make your savings go further with 6X the national average** APY

Save with Cash Reserve 


Investing is all about the long-term, like a big kitchen reno, down payment, or child’s education.

Whatever you’ve got in mind, we’re built to help you earn more on your investments with us and make smart decisions with your money.

Invest with WSI


Retire at 65 in the city. Retire at 45 on the beach. What do you want your golden years to look like?

Make your retirement dreams real with technology that helps you save on taxes and earn an estimated 38% more over 30 years.

Retirement with WSI